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Window Cleaning
Have you seen the Dell Computer commercial where the computer crashes and the young man finds himself cleaning windows on skyscrapers? The best thing that ever happened to that young man  was the day his computer failed. Window washers earn lots of money the work is dangerous, but it pays well.

One of the things I found in life not everyone has time or the willingness to do some of the lower end jobs. Many for one reason or another just can't. These are what I call opportunities. You just need the willingness to do the jobs others won't or can't.

While mowing lawns I was asked if I could clean some windows. I counted the windows and some were high. I knew then and there the job was mine if I wanted it. I charged $1.50 window  there were 12 windows in the house. It took me just over 2 hours to do the job that amounted to $9 per hour. You can be sure the next day when I delivered my newspapers I had a flier in it for my new window cleaning service.

Later in life I had a job working for an airline you may have heard of Trans Caribbean Airways. Well anyway one of the outfits that did the maintenance for Trans Caribbean was Lockheed. When a  strike was pending I told a friend about how I made money cleaning windows.   After the strike was over Joe came in and thanked me. He did start a window cleaning business. He had made enough  money to not only pay his bills but  to pay off a used truck he had purchased. The story does not stop here the fellow he sold the business to went on to become very wealthy cleaning windows on  skyscrapers.