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pigeon feeder build
Attach the two side panels using 1 & 5/8 inch screws
Then mark one of the restrainers to the length of your feeder (see picture below) 
Be sure you mark it along the base that has been attached.
Cut all four restrainers to marked length (it always a good idea to  leave the pencil mark on you restrainers)
Install the 2 inch restrainers  at the base of the feeder.
Then install the 2 & 3/4 inch restrainer flush to the side panels using 1 & 5/8 screws.

Make the Lid about 2 inch's longer then the feeder and center it on top of the feeder. 
Install the stop blocks with 1 &1/4 inch screws so that the lid will not move or be pushed off and your done.