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Mowing Lawns
This may sound silly but if one looks around today with all the industrial parks and the American life stile you are going to find many people still have a need for this service. Back when I was a young man  not very many people were earning four dollars an hour , But I did! I would push that mower so fast I'm not sure if superman could have keep pace with me. It was easy to start because dad did have a mower and gas was cheap  about 19 cents per gallon.  I did not have to be a rocket scientist. I just wanted to earn a few dollars to pay for my pigeons. I got started by  knocking on doors. This got me a few jobs but I also had a paper route. I made some fliers and placed them into the newspapers I delivered . That along with word of mouth soon found me mowing about 9 lawns a week.
The key here was getting the word out.
Not needing  much to get the job done.
The willingness to work.   

I often wonder  if I had pursued the mowing endeavor just how far it would have taken me?