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Here is one enemy of your pigeons that is often over looked or not noticed.
The bites are painful and the open wounds often get infected.
Fleas carry many diseases they are also one reason your pigeons can get tape worms.

They are very hard to eradicate because they have four life stages.  They are egg, larvae, pupae, and adults.
The life cycle from egg to adult can take from two weeks to two months depending on conditions.
One female flea will lay about 20 eggs a day up to 600 in her life. The eggs fall off the host into corners or cracks.
They take anywhere from two days to a few weeks to hatch.
The larvae will pass through 3 stages avoiding light taking a week to several months to develop.  
Larvae will eat dead skin, hair, feathers, and other organic material.
From here they will go to the Pupa stage. They build a cocoon and remain there for at least five days. Some may remain there for months resting when they feel heat or vibration they emerge.

They like sandy soil and  moist conditions. Be sure to treat the yard and around the loft when you spray

Remove the fleas and your birds will fly a few yards faster on race day 
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